Yosemite in Winter

Last year, I found out a fact about Yosemite in winter. It has its own charm and is probably the best of all seasons in Yosemite. The crowds are said to return home at the end of the day, the frost will coat the trees at morning, and the fog will almost freeze. The waterfalls flow during the day and freeze at night; while the wildlife decides to come out of their hiding places. The best thing, however, as a budget traveler; was the fact that the hotel rates sure do come down at this time.

If you manage to get up on a cold morning, you will experience the true beauty of Yosemite in winter. You might catch a glimpse of the frozen falls and hear the sounds made by the ice while it begins breaking loose and takes a fall to the ground. Frazil ice is another interesting phenomenon that you can experience here – it is a spongy mass comprised of crystals of ice, and these will flow like the water, overflowing the creek bed.

Yosemite in winter

The weather at Yosemite is known to be especially cold during this time; especially the higher you go, the colder it gets.

Snow: An Experience of Yosemite in winter

The Badger Pass Ski area is known to open up as soon as the snow begins accumulating. It is said to include a good number of beginner and intermediate slopes, and even houses a terrain park. This means it is a good place for the kids to have fun, and for a beginner to learn how to ski.

Badger Pass Ski Area

If you happen to be someone with ample amount of experience in cross-country skiing, you could take an overnight cross-country ski trip all the way to Glacier point.

Ensure that you carry some tire chains when you head to Yosemite during the winter months. You should be prepared to use them adequately, even if your vehicle is a four-wheel drive.

The Special Events

If you’re at Yosemite during winter, you have to be part of these popular events that make the winter cold seem bearable.

Bracebridge Dinner

This is a tradition that has been in place since the year 1926. This is the ultimate Christmas feast of the region. Around 100 members make up for the four-hours long pageant, and they’re said to host a seven course meal; an experience that most people say is unforgettable.

Bracebridge Dinner

Vintner’s Holidays

This event is held during the late weeks of October and will go on into November. This event will feature winemakers and a lot of wine related activities like wine tasting seminars and a gourmet dinner that has been tailor made to complement the tastes of the featured Vintner’s wines.

Vintner's Holidays

Chef’s Holiday

This event is held during the months of January and February; and will feature cooking demos and will have a dinner spread that has been put together by some of the most prominent chefs of the country. You could go in for all of it, or you could choose to just enjoy the dinners that are served on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Other Attractions

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