Venezuela Travel

So you are in the most beautiful place in the land of Amazon – Venezuela. With perfect natural beauty and the most interesting bio diversity, this land with its tropical jungles and the great savannas makes the perfect spot with its lovely mountainous terrains and beautiful rivers.

Come to the land of Amazon in Venezuela and experience the 190 mammals, more than 674 birds and around 300 reptiles and a variety of fish. With the best kind botany here, there are also a variety of species. The commercial value of the forest by products and the immense benefit this region gives to the place around gives enough reason for everyone to want to know this place better.

Amazon in Venezuela

More than 15 groups of ethnic origin live here and they represent the culture, architecture and tradition of its respective regions. With the unique kind of cave drawings and folklores, these people have a distinct tradition of their own. Their native songs, dances and the interesting lilting music are great with the wild and rhytmatic percussion instruments.

The wet tropical forests with their lovely variety also are one kind of forests found here besides the wet subtropical forest and the wet tropical and pluvial forest. The dolphins, deer, Manatee and the peccary are the animals found here and this place has the birds for an interested birdwatcher.

The adventure tours cover all this and more and show us the lovely expanse of the National parks here. There are four such parks here. They cover an area of around 5,476,500 hectares of land and there around 18 monuments here besides a biosphere reserve and the protective hydrographic river basin too.

The La Neblina Park is one such park which is in the southern part. Many species of animals are found here like the jaguars, tapirs and the reptiles besides the emerald boa. You can also see the Anaconda and the Billed Climber amongst birds. The Green mapanare is another reptile found here and the Nocturnal Pauji is an interesting bird here.

Then you go on adventure tours to the Duida Marahuaca National Park. This is found in the middle of the Macizo Guayanes of the central part of Venezuela. It is between the Iguapo and the Cunucunuma which are two major rivers here. Then you have the Duida and the Marahuaca hills which are very important portion of the flora and the fauna variety found here. There are jaguars, tapirs, primates and pumas here. Birds are also found in abundance here.

Duida Marahuaca National Park

The Parima Tapir Apeco National Park is another such area. This lies in the southern Amazonas. It is situated in the A lot Orinoco and the Macizo Guaynes. With a great extent it is the largest national park in Venezuela. It is the fifth such kind in the whole world. This is where the Orinoco River originates.

Then you have the Yapacana Park which is situated in the Casiquiare plains and is the place where the Orinoco and the Ventuari rivers meet.

Yapacana National Park