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Visit Bolivia and come to Sucre the lovely capital and enjoy the pleasures of a great paradise in tours. Come here and enjoy the finest tourist destinations in this part of the world and experience the sight of millions of visitors who come here just to see the magnanimity of the place. The serene and tranquil ambience here is one that is enviable and the lovely sights of the old fashioned structures only endorse your faith in the pleasures of historical travels in the world. Built in colonial styles, the recreation here is in the form of he verdant stretches that you see here and that has become a focus for most visitors coming to this part of the world.

Visit the Sucre Metropolitan Cathedral and bask in the pleasures of a great land filled with the sight of the most majestic churches and the most fantastic structures in Bolivia. The designs here belong to the time of 1551 and the entire project has been possible after around 100 years of refurbishments. This construction is in the Renaissance style and has lovely Baroque architecture which makes it stand out in visits. There is a part of the church that has a lovely holy museum which is open to the public.

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Go to the Convento de San Felipe Neri which is a place that is devoid of religious constructions and has a collection of edifices of the spiritual kind. So you can see the most fascinating spiritual works of Bolivia and see this majestic structure that has been existing since the year 1795 when it was built. The entire colonial construction has a roof that is made of tiles, arenas, balconies and lot of high bell towers. From here you could get a total view of the area and thus fill your travel kitty with something unique.

Then there is the la Recoleta which is a major landmark in Sucre and is a must see travel spot. This is also known as the Monastery of Santa Ana de Montesino and has been constructed by the Franciscans in 1601. Built at Cerro Churuquella, this is a lovely place with the best gardens and the most fascinating patios. There is a place that lies adjacent to the shrine and this place is believed to be the birth locale of Sucre. The entire structure also has a museum which has exhibits of the colonial and republican works of art.

Go to the Plaza 25 de Mayo and see how the beauty of this place unfolds in the beautiful Bolivian square locale. This is the best place where one can see the greenery of this country come alive. It is located in the middle of the Heritage Centre of Sucre and has a great sculpture of Mariscal Antonio Jose de Sucre who is the first President of the Country. This statue is the main focus of the square and there are many visitors who come here just to enjoy the memorable times here. There are lovely republican and other kinds of colonial edifices here and added to this you have the churches and the municipal structures too. The place is always busy and filled with people and this is what charms the tourists coming here. They love to see the revellers as well as the local public merge and it is a greatly relaxing experience to just hang around the place with friends and family and enjoy the magical charm of the city.

Sucre attractions

Then there is the Textile Museum which is another land filled with the maximum pleasures. This is a place that has beautifully designed structures and the rooms and stores here are the places where there used to be trading earlier. Come here and enjoy the services of a guide who takes you around the museum. This is an old fashioned structure where you would find a lot of old fashioned attitudes and many rooms showing the usage of the natural fiber from other parts of the country. Designs and shapes seem to make up the place and the TArabuco is a major style of this region. Enjoy the sights here and don’t miss the chance to be a part of tours here.

Sucre is one of those places that you must visit when you tour Bolivia. Come here and enjoy the lovely museums and the simple landscapes which never cease to surprise the tourist.

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