Statue of Liberty

For many, it is the first thing they see when they immigrate to the United States by boat. Universally though, the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of all that America stands for, its everlasting image. The statue was a gift from the French to celebrate 100 years of American independence. The young sculptor that worked to build the statue was said to have the aim of building a statue to rival the Colossus at Rhodes, and while it might or might not be as magnificent, the number of Statue of Liberty tours undertaken each year suggest that he was successful. So what if the rumors persist that the statue’s body was modeled upon that of a prostitute?

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty’s crown has seven spikes, each standing for the seven seas across which Liberty seeks to find a home. In her left hand, there is a tablet that bears the text from the Declaration of Independence while the right hand is raised triumphantly with a torch which symbolizes enlightenment. There are monuments that come to define cities and those that come to define entire cultures. The Statue of Liberty is both of these, a rarity in the modern world, and no trip to New York City is complete without Statue of Liberty tours undertaken either with tour groups or along with friends.

A little known fact and one recounted by many tour guides on Statue of Liberty tours is the story behind the pedestal on which Lady Liberty stands. The most embarrassing part of the Statue of Liberty saga, the torch itself was showcased in Madison Square park for six years in an attempt to attract funds. But it took public shaming on the part of Joseph Pulitzer who published the names of prominent people that had contributed money. Once that happened, the funds poured in but time had passed. Ten years, to be precise, before the Statue of Liberty was finally erected on what is today known as Liberty Island.

Torch, Statue of Liberty

A symbol of freedom, of positivity and an icon of the free world, the Statue of Liberty stands for all that is legendary and good about America so be sure to spend plenty of time at Liberty and Ellis Islands. If you wish to enjoy the view, consider the Staten Island Ferry as well. It will take you through New York harbor and right past the Statue of Liberty, in the process offering a view of the Manhattan skyline that is spectacular. It is arguably the best way to see the statue and the New York skyline and shouldn’t be missed out on.

Staten Island

There is a Statue of Liberty in Las Vegas, too. You can find that Statue of Liberty in front of New York-New York hotel in Las Vegas. If Las Vegas is on your itinerary, read our Las Vegas Travel Guide. It provides you with the information you need to have fun in the entertainment capital of the world.

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