Grand Canyon Rafting

Filled with natural panoramas, rich in native history, and stacked with adventure and excitement, rafting the Colorado River that flanks the Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience. Exploring the mightiness and exquisiteness of the Grand Canyon rafting through the river is quite awe-inspiring. Discover the secreted cascade, paradisiacal pretenses, and the Grand Canyon National Park – all of them accessible only while rafting Colorado River.

Grand Canyon rafting

An expedition through the gushes washing the feet of Grand Canyon is considered as one of the best and longest rafting adventures of the world. It’s quite imperative to have a thorough plan, reservation, funds, and time before you finalize to head toward Colorado River because rafting tours can be as long 25 days (maximum) and the number of tours permitted on the river is limited.

This ravine located in the North-West region of Arizona offers tremendous pleasure to adventurers if planned appropriately. Let me furnish you with information that will help you to make this tour a successful and an unforgettable one.

Smooth Water Rafting

If you are not a professional rafter or with a non-rafting partner, opt for smooth water rafting. Unlike adventurous rafting through white water torrents, smooth water rafting offers a relaxing float that surges you through the scenic panoramas of Grand Canyon. It is a calmer and gratifying tour through Colorado River.


If you are choosing Grand Canyon region to experience the contentment and adventures of white water rafting (including smooth water rafting), reserving your tours well in advance indispensable. Due to its vast variety of tours and escapades, rafting in Colorado River is an extremely popular adventure among people around the world. It wise to reserve a tour few months or even a year in advance (if going during peak seasons).

Safety Measures

Rafting is not an adventure if appropriate safety precautions are not a part of your tour. Safety required while rafting is similar to the precaution taken while walking through a sweltering desert. Although you are rafting in a place full of water, it’s highly possible you might get dehydrated due to the energy and exertion involved. Make sure that you drink and carry adequate water before initiating your jaunt. Wearing a sunscreen is also important or you might change your color before concluding the adventurous tour. Listen attentively and follow all the safety precautions and rules set by the tour operators. This will ensure that your tour is pleasurable and adventurous one instead of a saddening one.

Types of Trips

Before deciding an audacious white water rafting tour through Grand Canyon, it’s wise to have a half-day or a full-day smooth water rafting tour through the Colorado River. These kinds of trips are accessible from both ends of Grand Canyon and will take you through the white water rafting itinerary.

rafting Colorado River Grand Canyon

After the roadmap is known, you can decide the number of days you want to spend rafting the untamed currents of Colorado River. For a private, protracted 18-25 days trip starting from Lees Ferry up to Diamond Creek, you need to apply through weighted Lottery System of the Grand Canyon National Park. Such lottery system takes place in February. If you are looking for a shorter quest, go for a traditional 3-5 day tour.

Western and North Eastern Grand Canyon

To raft through the western edge of the mighty Grand Canyon, reach at Las Vegas, Nevada to commence from either Quartermaster, Arizona or Diamond Creek, Arizona. If you want to test your rafting skills while glancing at the gorgeous vistas of northeastern frontier of the canyon, start from Flagstaff or Phoenix in Arizona.

Trip Tips

Do not drop here in December because rafting through Colorado River is only till the month of October from February. Weather is quite favorable in all the months. For more adventures, you can start hiking against the falls direction on the Travertine Falls. Hire a scenic aircraft to watch the massive, panoramic creation of the nature from the clouds. There are numerous skywalks available that can serve as a substitute. You may also be interested in Havasu Falls hike. Las Vegas is not too far from here. If your next stop is Las Vegas, here is the ultimate Las Vegas Travel Guide. Check it out.