Glacier National Park in Canada

Glacier National Park is among the seven parks located in British Columbia. It is division of a system of 43 parks and also park reserves that crossways Canada. It also defends a piece of the Columbia Mountains and holds the Rogers Pass National Historic Centre which is chosen for its significance in building and growth of the first chief national transportation route in Canada. This park covers an area of about 1,349 square kilometer which is 521 square miles and was recognized in the year 1886. You can see that this park encloses wide glaciated areas.

The major part of terrain in the park is covered with Glaciers and was conquered by ten peaks of terrain with a height of about 8,530 to 11,120 feet that is somewhat 2,600 to 3,390 miles. At this natural area, you will find rocky Mountains, huge number of plant and animal life and a warm, damp climate. Cedar, hemlock, mountain caribou, mountain goat and grizzly bear are well protected at this place.

Glacier National Park in Canada

This park contains Hermit Range, the Bonney and Bostock Groups, the Van Home Range, Purity Range, Dawson Range and also Sir Donald Range.

Talking about the Waterton Lakes National Park, this park lies in the southwest corner of Alberta that is in Canada and is surrounded by the Glacier National Park in Montana that is in USA. Waterton was produced in the year 1895 and was the fourth national park of Canada. This place was named similar to the name of Charles Waterton. This park contains rough mountains and wilderness that covers an area of about 505 square kilometers that is 203 square miles.

The Glacier National Park and Waterton National Park together makes a huge impact in the minds of the people who comes from every single corner of the world just to take a glimpse of this natural beauty that has a combination of ice, land, greenery and also the living beings that creates beautiful scenery filled with variety of colors.

Waterton National Park always remains open but huge amount of tourist visit this place during the month of July and August. At the Waterton Park townsite you will get profitable facilities. You will get much beautiful scenery on the trail that consists of Crypt Lake trail as well. In the year 2004, nearly 367,500 people visited this park.

Waterton National Park

In the Glacier National Park, you will get the visitors centre at Rogers Pass with two campgrounds that are always available. Here you will get each and every facility that you are needed.

Though the Glacier National Park is managing by the Parks Canada, the Waterton National Park is been designated as a World Heritage Site. Both the National Parks are different in size and category but their scenic beauty cannot be challenged. The Waterton National Park was earlier established as a national body in the year 1911 then as a biosphere reserve in 1979 and then was finally became a World Heritage Site in the year 1995.

In fact, Waterton has its own official website which you can access and get all the related information’s you want. The Waterton National Park was combined with Montana’s Glacier National Park in the year 1932 to make the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

Millions of people come to visit at this national park just to feel the glory of nature at this place. You can experience a wide range of wildlife here and make your vacation excellent. Experience the Pristine forest covered with Glacier’s, alpine meadows, rough mountains and wonderful lakes. You can hike at this paradise as well. Those who love adventure can enjoy there time with sight seeing.

As the climate is too cold and name itself mentioned as the Glacier National Park you can judge that the roads sometimes remain open and sometimes closed. Visit during summer as you can experience the sunny weather and the best exotic locations. During winter you can feel this place as a wonderland. Skiing and snowshoeing is a perfect activity during winter. So enjoy your holidays during winter or during summer, the way you want.

In the Glacier/Waterton Lakes National Park more than 70 species of mammals and 260 species of birds could be seen. The glaciated landscape is a paradise for the hikers who love to hike. This park comprises more than 350 structures and this was listed on the National Register of Historic Sites and six National Historic Landmarks.

Due to the combination of these two parks, friendly relationships of both the states increased and together it was designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1995. Most of the facilities for visitors remain open from the month of May to September. But the in-park services during remains closed.

Guided horseback rides and guided boat cruises are also available at this park. You have plenty of options as site seeing. Waterfalls will make your trip even better. Roads that attract the visitors include well-known Going-to-the-sun Road. Services will be provided to you like the free shuttle bus service with fee-based shuttles. The Glacier Guides & Montana Raft Company provides services like guided rafting, fishing and backpacking trips.

For accommodation, you have plenty of options like the park lodging, camping, hotels and many more places where you can rest and feel fresh. To reach here you have nearest airports from this park at Kalispell in Montana. Amtrak trains also stops at the east and west Glacier. By road tour buses are always available to you. Red buses are popular at this park. In fact, tour boats are also provided to you.

Though fishing and hiking are popular activity at this park you can enjoy sight seeing and other activities you want including the wildlife species like Canadian Lynx, Wolverine, bighorn sheep, moose, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, mountain lion, woodpecker, owl, swan, turtle, garter snakes, toads, harlequin duck and many more uncountable wildlife could be seen here at this park. Bull trout could be found commonly at this park that is scarce in number. Besides these, 23 species of fish could also be seen here like cutthroat trout, northern pike, mountain whitefish, kokanee salmon and grayling.

Canadian Lynx

This is a fabulous place you have ever been. In fact, this is the only park in the world that has so much on its lap to serve us with its natural beauty. Glacier National Park is a nice place and you should visit at least once in your entire life to experience this great wonderland.

Far away in northwestern Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain peaks, lies an unmapped corner – the Crown of the Continent. In 1979, Waterton National Park and bordering Glacier National park in the US were designated as World Biosphere reserves, preserving mountains, prairie, lakes and freshwater wetlands ecosystems.

Habitats represented in the parks’ range include: prairie grasslands, aspen grove forests, alpine tundra/high meadows, lower subalpine forests, deciduous and coniferous forests.

There are other Canadian National Parks nearby. Banff National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in North America. The Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, and Peyto Lake are some of the most photographed places in the magnificent Banff National Park.