Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners monument is the only place in the whole of United States of America where four states come together at a single point. The four states in question are Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. If you’re at the monument, you could be standing at four states at the exact same time while you are actually only at one place.

This unique landmark is known to be managed by the Navajo Nation and is open to visits.

Four Corners Monument

When at the Four Corners Monument, you will find a small visitor center, which is said to open all year round. This visitor center has a Demonstration center and has Native American artisans who come here to sell their handmade jewelry, traditional food and crafts.

Given the fact that you might not really make a trip down to the monument without exploring the surrounding regions which are steeped in history and culture too, you could combine a trip to the Four Corners with the exploration of Monument Valley, or the Arches, Mesa Verde and other National Parks.

Mesa Verde

This area is a pretty remote area.

The original marker to mark this unusual merging of boundaries was erected in 1912. It was a simple cement pad that was constructed once the government surveys had shown that the location of this particular terminus was the meeting point for the boundaries of these four states. In 1992, the monument was refurbished, and a bronze disk that is embedded in granite was created. Each of the states has their own state seals that rest within their particular boundary.

The Four Corners Monument is located off Highway 160. The area that surrounds this region is all Native American land. The people of Navajo and Ute live here in the region. Both these Indian nations get representation at the monument.

Many people who travel to this region are said to do so because they are inquisitive about the lifestyle and cultures of these Native Americans. You could tour the visitor center and learn more about them. If you want a more hands-on experience, you could visit Monument Valley, which is close to the monument.