Carara National Park

Visit the beautiful confines of the Carara National Park, which is a crucial zone in Costa Rica. A perfect wildlife haven, this is a greatly developed Pacific Zone located in the wet rainforests of the southern part of Pacific and encompasses the dry tropical forest of the northwestern region. Situated in the special transition zone, this national park has the best kind of flora and fauna and is a mesmerizing locale in the Guanacaste province and the Osa Peninsula.

Spanning over 12,950 acres, this lies around 10 miles to the north of Jaco and provides immensely interesting travel pleasures in this part of the world. With the best sights of the agoutis, anteaters and the sloths, this is a lovely destination for all those who like to have excitement and adventure in their travel. Visit the beautiful haven of the scarlet macaws and the lovely wild pigs and bask in the delights of a land that has always been the mains arty of tours in Costa Rica.

tourist attraction in Carara National Park

Visitors come here mainly between December and April just to enjoy the nesting period of the scarlet macaws and go back with cherished tales of the visual delights and the tour ambience of this beautiful paradise called Carara National Park.

The secondary and primary rainforests here add to the beauty of the overall landscape and then the simple delights of a lagoon, dry tropical forest, and marshlands make tours here very fascinating indeed. The sight of the American crocodiles and the River Tarcoles, are major scenic attractions here alongwith the simple pleasures of the surrounding sights. Come here and enjoy your tours.

crocodiles at Carara National Park

With beautiful archaeological sites making up the cherished memories, here, it is amazing to see such a beautiful haven filled with lot of tour ecstasies.

Carara National Park wildlife

parrot at Carara National Park

Visit the beautiful region of Carara National Park in Costa Rica tours and take back with you a memorable travel kitty.