Burning Man Festival

The sands of time have passed and the winds have blown, no traces have been left what so ever, and no mark of life and living left. The burning man festival of Nevada, in Black Rock Desert, is an epitome of freedom, self expression, liberal and selfless living.

Burning Man Festival

Also known as “The Playa”, thousands of people come together to create Black Rock City, a temporary city of one week, dedicated to self-expression, self-reliance and art. The city leaves no traces, of its settlement here. Survival of fittest, may be the right thing to say for the participants, as it is not for faint heart people, but if you have desire burning in you to express yourself radically, live life to fullest extent, run after your wildest dreams then you have call to be a Burner.

The city is not bricks, mortar and cement. It’s full of tents and theme oriented art decorations, loud noises, crazy costumed people and an experience and an opportunity to be weird and creative.

It’s recommended before participating do your research, preparation and planning. The word radical, outrageous is what the festival is about. You need to bring in all you necessaries, its radical self-sufficiency; you need to take care of your self. Bring in ear plug if you want your beauty sleep! You will be turned from the gate if gate keeper believes that you are not meeting with basic survival needs that are water, food and shelter is imperative. Also bring along your bike to tour and enjoy vast metropolis. No vehicles allowed. There is one thing predictable that is its Unpredictability. The weather keeps on changing.

There is no main stage at Burning Man Festival. You can display and show your art and crafts at whatever place you want to but register it before or just put it out in your tent area.

The city is free of greed; it’s free of money as there are no transactions or selling activity. Just the Coffee and ice at camp there is no vending. Burning man is all about gifting. Gifts could be materialistic or immaterialist; it’s about sharing and giving the gift of time and most important giving gift to you of self expression. It opens new realm of possibilities and creating relationships. In the camp all you have to do is participate, it’s believed that participation changes things radically at personal and society level. It’s mandatory to contribute to the community of services of yourself. Handing of some gift or souvenir or even your time is to people who are coming from all different time zones and walks of life.

The Burning Man Festival is time to free yourself from all the bondages, your inner conflicts and time to free your mind and heart. With the burning of 40 foot wooden man’s effigy at the end of the week, it is time to put your stress, hurts, pains and emotional baggage into that bonfire and bid good bye. Let the fire burn it away and let the wind blow away its ashes. When you go back to your world of city, liberated and released carrying with you in your heart the burning of radical expression and enigma of survival.