Bumbershoot 2018

Seattle’s festival celebrated on September Labor Day is Bumbershoot Festival, derived from the informal name of umbrella. Bumbershoot is an extravaganza of fusion of arts, music, dance and film festival. 2018 Bumbershoot will begin at 1:00 PM Pacific Time on Friday, August 31 and ends on Sunday, September 2. Get into the umbrella for here lies under the fusion of arts, dance, music, theatre, literary arts, visual arts and films extravaganza.

This festival is fusion of acts and artists as the largest showcase of talent in Seattle, with performers coming from all over the world which has audience more then 150,000 held at Seattle Centre both at indoor and outdoor venues. A three day program which so much to offer and such enigmatic show it puts up entertaining the visitors.

Bumbershoot Festival

The Bumbershoot festival is yours to explore with ticket prices charged to nominal, a culture tastemaker. Enjoy through the groundbreaking local, national and international performers in all arts, musical genres and more. Participate in activities and dance on the music of various rock bands to sway to music of playing soft jazz. Let your intestines jumbled, catch your stomach for the comedians are hilarious and feast your eyes to the display of art and enjoy ballerina to listening of poems. The organizers have taken special attention to pull the youth crowd to vibe them to different form of arts. The film and theatre is also conducted with celebrities and famous artisans performing as well regaling the festival. Also you come across merchandise and urban craft vendors in the ground and also you will find good food to gorge on.

But it’s important to note that you need to do a bit of research first so that you don’t miss out the best of bands playing or some awesome musicians whom you didn’t hear about and gave them a miss. Don’t do that, drink in more then you can to enjoy the fest. There are hundreds of cutting edge performances going, and two third of them you wouldn’t have heard before. But trust me, or just trust the organizers as they choose the best. Do buy premium passes as they get access to stages and help you cut the lines and complimentary food and beverages. Check out as many comedy shows as you can they are the great talents. You may come across cancellations of your favorite show but the place has much to offer and they do replacements, One Reel (the organizers) are pros. Eat out the Philly Cheese steak. It tastes great.

The festival is the longest on and oldest festival conducted in Seattle which has paved way for other such festivals to come up and helps is diverging the different form of arts. Are you interested in more Seattle Attractions? Read our Seattle travel guide to find the most interesting places in Seattle.